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AMTROL, Inc Reviews

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  • WH-7L Amtrol eater heater

    WH-7L This is our second "blue money waster." First one blew up and flooded the whole basement with over foot of water. Bottom part was shot out. Probably because water got too hot and "quality" Amtrol steam valves did...NOT release the steam (just a guess). I'm not sure what was the reason for which thr blown up tank was replased with the newer version but still identical tank. I mustv been on drugs or something. Anyway, a few years later, the thing starts leaking on the Bottom..AGAIN. I have a feeling the inevitable is coming, but this time I installed water... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Wykis's Picture   Wykis    0 Comments   Comments
  • WH7L Water heater is JUNK!

    I bought this unit 5 years ago. In 18 months the control failed. While Amtrol advertise a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" the control only had 1 year warranty. The control unit just failed again. This is the second time. The parts cost over $200 each time. Description of failure: First a buzzing noise is heard. About a week later the control stops working completely. On inspection fault seems to be a failed electrical relay. More...
  • WH7L

    My Amtrol WH7L hot water heater is 5 years old. Controller first failed at about 18 months. First a buzzing noise, then about a week later total failure. They were kind enough to send me a replacement the first time. It apparently only has a 1 year warranty on the control unit, although tye advertise a "Limited lifetime warranty" in their literature. The second time it has failed was last week. This time they will not help. Over $200 in parts cost to replace this control on the water heater. From reading on the internet I see this is a very common problem with these units.... More...
    mauriceh's Picture   mauriceh    1 Comments   Comments
  • Controller Issue

    I purchased a WH-7P indirect tand from Home Depot in the spring on 2006 along with a new high efficiency gas boiler. It ran fine for about 18 months when the controller went bad and had to be replaced. Last year another controller. So far $260 in parts for a $1000 tank and now the rep would like me to purchase a mechanical controller at more than $200. Is this company nuts? I will never buy another Amtrol product or recommend one to anyone, in fact I will go out of my way to tell folks the horror stories of this product. Customer service is a joke, they continue to insists it must be a... More...
  • Amtrol Boiler Mate Failure

    We are very disturbed at the quality of the product that AMTROL has on the market. We built our home in 1999 and not even living in it for 10 years have had 3 Boiler Mates fail, causing flooding of the basement, decrease in hot water and increase in oil usage during the failure. The first two Boiler Mates were replaced by the company, but we had to pay for the cost of installation. Our technician called the company today that is on the warranty notice only to be told they would not replace the unit that is just 1 year old. The company rep proceeded to tell the tech that the cost of a... More...
  • All-In-All-Can't Complain!

    My home is just now 17 years old, along with the boiler/hydronic heat system. I am the second owner, now 5 years, and suffered our first heat failure. Our classic WH-7P unit finally pooped out. Guess what? No local dealers...but the good is, being slightly mechanically inclined, was able to drain and disassemble the entire unit. It really, REALLY needed maintenance. PEOPLE-READ THE OWNERS' MANUALS! You're giving a good product a bad rap-these systems need maintained! I pressure washed the inside of the tank, soaked and cleaned the heat exchanger, replaced the thermostat and... More...
    dclaykelly71's Picture   dclaykelly71    1 Comments   Comments
  • 41 gal & no hot water again

    Installed 1997. I've been dealing with no hot water recovery for 3 years now and today I have to take emergency steps to replace my in-direct. I knew the day was coming. Amtrol must be performing well because you'd think in today's environment they would want to make good on a bad product by attempting to sell me another heater at a great price and earn my respect & business again. More...
    sully09's Picture   sully09    2 Comments   Comments
  • Boiler Mate coil replacement

    I have had this Amtrol Boiler mate (41 Gallon)hot water maker since 1994 and it is currently busted. My Oil supply and maintenance company has informed me that the Coils inside the boiler is busted and that I might have to possibly replace the coil or the entire tank. i am currently without Hot water In Smithtown NY and would like to hear from you on how to go about fixing the problem ASAP. Please Advise thanks Ivan More...
  • WH7 warranty

    I purchased a Amtrol boiler mate WH7 from Bell Plumbing in Anchorage Ak. It was installed in 2000. Bell Plumbing is out of business and I am unable to find my warranty papers. Was my paperwork filed with you and if so can I get a copy of it in order to have it replaced as it is leaking. Thanks Max Johnson 3910 Barbara Drive Anchorage, AK 99517 More...
  • Bad controller

    Hello, We purchased a boilermate wh-7 41 gallon tank for our in floor heating unit in 2001. Since then we have had to replace the smart control unit three times. now we are looking at other options to replace the tank because we are concerned that replacing the smart control again will not be very smart. We have replaced them every year and a half @ $130.00 each time. This system rates far below what we were sold. We would like a tank that will run trouble free for at lest 8 years. More...
    Fahjah's Picture   Fahjah    1 Comments   Comments
  • Boilermate Tank Replacement

    I am now on my third Boilermate hot water tank. With each replacement tank I get a shorter and shorter life cycle. The first tank lasted almost 10 years... and while disappointed, I am OK with that. The next tank lasted less than two years and now I am on my third tank that is only about two years old. I have been purchasing model WHS80, Amtrol's Premier Series tanks. The tanks leak internally between the heat exchanger in such a way as to increase the pressure in the entire boiler system (introduces direct household water pressure to the boiler system, which should be a closed... More...
  • AMTROL Boilermate, indrect-fired hot water tanks

    I bought my 1st AMTROL Boilermate indirect fired hot water tank (41 gallon Classic) 6/03 when I had a new furnace installed. With a Lifetime warranty on the Boilermate no less. It lasted 2 1/2 years before it began to leak badly-that's when I discovered parts and labor were not covered-it was December in Alaska and I needed hot water quick, so I paid. The 2nd lasted 1 1/2 years and that's when I discovered the original installer had gone out of business overnight. On this occasion another plumber directed me to the local AMTROL distributor-who was said to be humbled by... More...
    Harleyjo's Picture   Harleyjo    37 Comments   Comments

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AMTROL, Inc Comments

milton says: (8 years ago)
I am now on my 3rd amtrol boilermate. This one didn't last 12 months. Amtrol's failures leave me with paying substantial install costs and they are giving trouble about even the product replacement. Never buy a boilermate.

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